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30 MAR 2022

Field's 2021 Annual Report

2021 was a challenging and exciting year for Field. In the face of economic and supply chain hardships across the continent, we managed to grow Shelf Life, our pharmacy subscription service, doubling its reach across Kenya and Nigeria. We achieved breakthrough milestones in our public health work, with our software, Field Supply, powering Nigerian government health services to reach over 140 million patients and deliver a cumulative total of 2 billion units of vital health commodities. We launched the Shelf Life app, connecting our retailers to a digital pharmacy supply chain, and built a thousand other tech wonders.

We’re thrilled to share these stories and more in our 2021 Field Annual Report, which contains analyses based on millions of granular inventory data points across our network, and sheds some light on the predominant themes in the African pharmaceutical industry in the year.

In this report you can expect to see:

  • Insights into high-demand and fast-growing product categories
  • Reflections on the forces shaping business and the pharma industry in Africa in 2021
  • The effects of the coronavirus pandemic on pricing and availability of medicines and other essentials
  • Field’s impact on healthcare in the public sector
  • A look at our technology and how we’ve scaled and enriched its feature set

In creating this report, our team analysed our health supply chain dataset – one of the largest on the continent – and spoke to thousands of pharmacists across Nigeria and Kenya.

We recommend this report for pharmacists, healthcare or supply chain professionals, technologists, individuals curious about the evolving healthcare and healthtech spaces, and anyone looking to explore some interesting insights into the pharmaceutical supply chain space in Africa.

We’re proud of both the challenges and achievements 2021 brought, and excited to be taking Field to even greater heights in 2022.

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