Making good on the promise of healthcare

Making good on the promise of healthcare

Our mission

A new generation of access to care

Where immunizations, contraception, anti-infectives, essential devices and diagnostics, or chronic care at the local clinic or pharmacy are expired, too expensive, or simply unavailable, providers, patients, and whole communities pay the price.

Equitable, sustainable development, and with it the promise of emerging and frontier markets, starts with the ability of health systems to deliver access. The challenge, opportunity, and imperative in that drive us.

We are helping digitize, modernise, strengthen, and sustain the supply chains that enable this access, becoming long-term partners with the communities we serve, and helping make good on the promise of healthcare for millions.

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OCTOBER: Building on years working together across Africa, Michael and Justin form Field to transform the role of technology, business, and supply chain in sustainable, equitable development.
JANUARY: Begins development of Field Supply, an offline-first SaaS solution simplifying the process of digitizing and optimizing large-scale supply chains, and Forth, a fourth-party logistics service leveraging Field Supply with the mission to upskill Africa’s underutilized informal transport labor to extend last-mile delivery at scale.

AUGUST: Maiden deployment of Field Supply, as the Supply Chain Control Tower for Nigeria’s national immunization program, integrating a legacy commercial ERP and retiring parallel spreadsheet reporting into an offline-first, web-based dashboard for supply chain managers at each of the country’s 820 immunization warehouses.

Signs an exclusive collaboration to become the official platform for the largest association of information transport workers in Africa, Nigeria’s National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).

NOVEMBER: Responding to the worst Nigerian recession in a generation, launches a field-based research initiative to identify opportunities to help independent pharmacies stabilize affordable supply of pharmaceuticals without sacrificing quality.
MARCH: Begins work with the International Federation of the Red Cross & Red Crescent (IFRC) to digitize supply chain operations and visualize performance for HIV, TB, Malaria, and immunization the Central African Republic.

MAY: With support from UNICEF, WHO, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, begins development of major new Field Supply features, including planning, batch-tracking, offline-first shipments, integrations with major health information systems, and performance management analytics - landmark advances in making next-generation digital tools accessible to users end to end.

JUNE: Commercial launch of Shelf Life in Abuja, Nigeria - pioneering vendor-managed inventory as a service and Pay-As-You-Sell subscriptions for retail pharmacies.

AUGUST: Responding to an invitation from the Rockefeller Foundation’s Yieldwise initiative, begins research in Kano and Lagos, Nigeria, resulting in Acre, a Forth-enabled service concept helping smallholders access markets and reduce postharvest loss in positive-sum, sustainable transformation of Nigeria’s tomato value chain.

OCTOBER: Nigeria’s National Supply Chain Integration Project (NSCIP) adopts Field Supply as the country’s health logistics management information system, beginning a sprint to add HIV, Malaria, and Family Planning programs to the platform - entrusting Field Supply with management of planning, reporting, and analytics on hundreds of new SKUs serving twenty-nine unique services across tens of thousands of new clinics, hospitals, and labs across the country.
JANUARY: With two years of learning and iterating, amid a step change in mandate for Field Supply and phenomenal demand for Shelf Life, Field decides to focus entirely on healthcare, suspending work on Acre, and consolidating Forth into Shelf Life to bring the absolute focus needed to deliver these services at scale.

FEBRUARY: New Field Supply immunization program features go live. Government, UNICEF, and lead national rollout, alongside government and UNICEF - digitizing and strengthening Africa’s largest immunization supply chain.

MARCH: Berlin, Germany office officially opens.

APRIL: Nigeria’s HIV, Malaria, and Family Planning programs go live on Field Supply with the first phase of features. Nationwide onboarding of State Logistics Management Coordination Units and Federal Government staff begins.

AUGUST: Shelf Life launches in Nairobi, Kenya.

OCTOBER: Shelf Life raises money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to test its business and impact cases in new markets: Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya. Shelf Life ends 2018 having grown over 300% in revenue while advancing over 80,000 units of medicine over 1,000 deliveries at better than 95% on-shelf availability.

NOVEMBER: Embarks on an aggressive development plan to add Nigeria’s national Tuberculosis program, as well as new inventory risk management, ordering and warehouse integration features to Field Supply throughout 2019.