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10 FEB 2021

2020: Field Annual Report

We're excited to finally share the Field Annual Report for 2020 with you! What can you expect from the report?

  • Insight into products that are highly demanded by patients
  • What the future of healthcare looks like for patients
  • How COVID-19 impacted demands and needs of patients
  • Field's impact on healthcare in the public sector

To create this report, our team pulled together all the data from serving real life pharmacists and demand by the patients they serve. We analysed it to establish trends and show the impact COVID-19 had on patients relationship with products.

Whether you are a pharmacist, in the healthcare industry or a patient interested in learning about how the landscape of healthcare is evolving, we recommend this report for you!

You can download and read the report by clicking on the link below:

Download The Annual Report

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