Our values

Notes on how and why we build

Solutions for problems in the fastest growing parts of the world need to be different. Here's how we think about building ours.


  • We intentionally build teams that reflect the communities we serve. How else could we expect to make useful, accessible things?
  • Design, medicine, engineering, business, policy - they are all necessary but never alone sufficient; we build cross-disciplinary teams to deliver solutions, not just parts of them.
  • Our mission to drive access makes inclusion not just a corporate value, but the very embodiment of our work.


  • Health systems are human systems. Our products and services must work for our users - not the other way around.
  • We are in the field. We engage and study, prototype, test, and continuously refine to develop radically simple tools that make complex operations easy, unlocking new possibilities for a new generation of users.


  • The promise of digitizing mission-critical supply chain informs our obsession with offline-first ops and resilient data sync. Patchy internet is the rule, not the exception.
  • The field is dynamic, and at times, chaotic. Our products must anticipate, adapt, flex, catch, coach, and correct the errors we can’t prevent.


  • We obsess about scale (tech, ops, finance) because we serve the fastest-growing, most dynamic places on the planet.
  • Healthcare is never finished and it’s evolving at the rate of medicine, policy, and demographics - and we aspire not only to keep up, but to drive.

Positive sum

  • Business is at its best when it creates shared, sustainable value. If we succeed in developing useful, scalable products, we help our clients meet vast unmet demand for health services that actually creates new growth.
  • And we focus on maximizing value: outcomes divided by costs, because changes on the margin can literally mean the difference between life or death.