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We’re looking for a QA engineer to lead our QA team in the development manual and automated tests for the data-heavy, mission-critical logistics and program analytics services which we provide to public and private health supply chains.

You’ll help design and develop test plans and automated tests for application and data processing code, promote best practices among our engineering teams, and help lead our junior qa team in their regular testing work.

This is a full time 12-month contract position based in Berlin or Abuja. Full time German employment also an option.


  • Professional experience in QA engineering for live, data-driven systems
  • Attention to detail and a drive to investigate real-world systems through data
  • Professional experience with client- and server-side Javascript and document-oriented databases
  • Experience working with enterprise applications featuring complex business or information processing rules
  • Interest in mentoring junior QA and engineering staff
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to play multiple roles in a team
  • 4+ years work experience in commercial software development, including considerable professional experience working in a team
  • Ability to travel for 2-3 week trips to other offices
  • High creativity and problem solving abilities
  • A penchant for creating internal tools
  • Location: Abuja
  • Language skills: English (fluent)


  • Professional experience with javascript end to end testing, React, Elasticsearch, CouchDB and serverless infrastructures
  • Supply chain experience
  • Strong gif game
If this sounds like a place you'd like to come to work, we humbly suggest we could do some great things together. Please get in touch with a CV or portfolio.
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